О сервисе

Shareholder - is a service for managing the shares of budget automation tools in the Capitaller system.

Use this service to purchase shares of various budget automations tools and co-manage them with other shareholders by voting on strategic development initiatives, budget allocation and payment of dividends, replacement of the administrator and other aspects of the daily work of the budget automation tool.
Shareholders may transfer and sell their shares. All payments are made via the WebMoney Transfer system.

The service allows you to:

  • view a registry of public budget automation tools, including their details, member agreements, charters and constituent declarations of their management funds, public funds transfer reports and the dividend payment history of each automation tool;
  • publish publicly available offers for buying and selling shares of budget automation tools;
  • buy and sell shares through bids posted by other members to public auctions;
  • send buy/sell offers to specific users;
  • transfer or sell shares to specific users;
  • view reports reflecting the actual history of transactions in budget automation tools;
  • take part in voting on the management of budget automation tools;
  • receive dividends from owned shares;
  • take part in closed forum discussions.

The Shareholder Service allows each participant of the WebMoney Transfer system to invest into the projects and companies united within Transaction Automation Tools.

You can start using the service by buying shares in Transaction Automation Tools that are of interest to you or by placing your own request to buy shares.

As a shareholder, you will be able to exercise ownership rights by participating in voting on development strategy, allocation of budgets, change of administrator, dividend payments, etc.

Hence, as a shareholder in a Transaction Automation Tool you can count on receiving dividends. Furthermore, you have the right to buy and sell shares at your discretion, and earn a profit from successful deals.